Shipper Manually Dispatching Internal Routes in CT

Shippers with internal and external fleet routing needs will now have a defaulted QR code for drivers to scan to receive internal fleet routes on their devices. This will be done from the "Control Tower" page.

Ability to create routes for more than 100 orders at a time 

This will give us the ability to view more than 100 orders at a time for route creation. It will increase our max page increments up to 500 and will be configurable per organization.
Will only be turned on for All Fasteners when they go live to start.

Route Load Report

This gives us the ability to create a load report for each route from control tower. The load report will show us the order the items need to be staged and loaded into the truck so that they can be unloaded in the proper sequence according to the order of the route stops.

Accessorial Enhancements & Costs

Services Accessorial Quantities

  • When a delivery is created with "Services" accessorial, there is the ability for users to enter in a quantity for all "Services" with the exception of the following:
    • Certificate of Insurance (COI) Fees
    • Hazmat
    • Limited Access

Services Accessorial Quantities in Delivery Costs

  • When orders/deliveries are created (either manually or via the API) with "Services" accessorial where there are quantities entered, the pricing for the Shipper looks at the Shipper's Contract for that "Services" accessorial and calculates based on the quantity provided for that delivery.
    • The pricing for the services accessorial with quantities reflects accordingly in the "Delivery Cost Info" section for the Shipper.


Shipper Rate Card Configuration

Work has been done on both the front and back-end to enhance how the system works when a shipper has their own rate card. With the Shipper Rate Card Configuration update, a user will have the option to enable a Shipper Rate Card for a specific service level.

Printing Ability Added to "Documents" on Delivery Details

An enhancement to the existing "Documents" section that enables user to print the document when viewing a specific document.

Delivery Fulfillment from Other Locations

A new object called 'originLocation' has been added to OneRail's APIs that enable integrated customers to create an order and deliveries from a single location that are being fulfilled by another location. Additionally, two new permissions have been created to enable the ability for location-level users at either the origin location or the fulfillment location to dispatch the deliveries. From a visibility standpoint, origin location users will be able to see all deliveries, regardless of access to other locations since they're the originating location of the order and deliveries. Users of a fulfillment location will only see deliveries that are being fulfilled from their specific location only.

Delivery Consolidation

When an order has multiple deliveries, users will now be able to consolidate deliveries that are in a "Draft" status into a single delivery. If the deliveries have different pickup and/or dropoff locations, and service levels, users will be able to choose from the available options before consolidating deliveries. When deliveries are consolidated into a single delivery, the selected deliveries will be permanently cancelled simultaneously as the new, consolidated delivery is created.

Note: "Returns" and "Scheduled Returns" are not eligible for consolidation.

New Table Column and Filter

As we continue to enhance the tables on the Dashboard, Deliveries, and Orders pages, a new column is being added to the table views called "Inbound /Outbound". This column calculates if the delivery is an inbound delivery or an outbound delivery to a customer based on the address of the "Dropoff Location". If that address is one of your designated "Pickup Locations", the column value will be "Inbound". Additionally, users will be able to filter deliveries based on these two values.


Currently, Trimble is used only for geocoding location addresses, however we want to expand the use of Trimble in the system so that it's used for all mapping, mileage, and time calculations (including drive time and ETA) across Core, ORD, and CX. After the Trimble implementation is complete, HereMaps and Google will only be used as a backup for geocoding addresses exclusively.


Foreign Currency

As part of Internationalization, we must implement Foreign Currency support to cater to new markets. It is essential that our platform is capable of handling multiple types of currency as per the region that it caters to. We are adding a configuration option for currency at both the organization and location levels so that the setting can be inherited by the associated locations and users, respectively.



Support for Stock Replenishment Deliveries

Users will now have the ability to configure Shipper Contracts to enable this functionality., where the driver will be prompted to pick the items that he is delivering at a delivery location. These configurations will be available under a new section in the Contracts called Service Mode Settings:

Drivers that are assigned deliveries matching to these type of contracts, will be required to specify the items being delivered at each stop/location. The list of available items will be populated from the list of Products saved on the Shipper organization.

Migrating Create Account Form

The form that allows LSPs to self-onboard will now be part of the OneRail Driver website. This will allow for a better experience when signing up for ORD.

General Bug Fixes:

  • Imperial to Metric system conversion had incorrect rounding
  • Incorrect font on Vehicle Type
  • Cancelation push-notification was not being sent on "Cancel Delivery Attempt"
  • Some deliveries were missing Address 2
  • Geofencing setting being ignored in new Organizations when toggled off
  • Text being repeatedly overwritten on manual QR code scanning
  • Double push-notification in the case of a LSP dispatcher assigning from mobile
  • Keyboard overlaps vehicle selection in some OS versions
  • Optimization and performance enhancements
  • Defect - Orders page UI, Persistent Checkbox Selection After Refresh
  • Fix the reassign vehicle to active route perf issue
  • Deliveries entered after cutoff but not dispatched until next day are going into scheduled for the following day.
  • "Route to Multiple Stores" is displayed when routing two gun safe deliveries from different stores
  • Delivery Cancelation would sometimes fail due to advanced delivery status
  • Call and Message button for location point of contact do not work on IOS
  • Carrier Info Distance does not match computedDistanceMile
  • Error for Contact Phone Number in Add Order Page
  • Validate Geo Responses before submitting deliveries


Specific-Courier Integration

Courier integration to be used by a specific-client in Canada

Point Pick Up Routing

Add capability for OneRail to leverage Point Pick Up routing capabilities.

Toggle Driver on by default for Store Managers

A specific client has requested that users with the Store Manager (General & Assistant) role by default should be considered drivers.

General Fixes and Improvements

  • Accessorials For Deliveries Are Calculated in Pricing and Rate Shopping
  • DSQP Dropping Item Prices when Creating Delivery API Payload
  • Broken routed delivery name
  • Driver name is not updated on Delivery page in case when delivery has been started and LP changed driver after that
  • No status En Route to Delivery in case when driver swipes fast
  • Map must zoom up to show selected driver
  • Removed "Lyft" From Vehicles Options
  • Mojo Courier not receiving all SLAs for contract
  • Delivery Schema Call Reduction V2 - PushAPI
  • deliveryWindows of Null Issue - PushAPI
  • Remove Version Increment for Users
  • Update Filter/Deliveries Code to Use Query Params to Avoid SQL Injection
  • Update Axios in lib-transport-client and Services
  • microservice-delivery-list | fix logging of getAllFilterDeliveries errors
  • Cosmos deployment realignment
  • Table Horizontal Scroll and Fixed Location for Navbar and Buttons
  • Deploy combined certificates for MySQL Single Server to all app services that access them
  • Attempts not loading properly on timeline
  • advanceOrder Optimization Refactor
  • Reduce Database Calls on findLpContractSlas Cache Problem
  • Allow data to cache to reduce route/get calls
  • Delivery events disappearing from attempt on timeline
  • Carrier Info Distance does not match computedDistanceMile
  • Need proxysql so core-db on PROD can better handle a lot of things
  • Add Spinner to Create Order Location Field
  • LSP user was able to change Freelancers vehicle
  • Driver assignment was not reset after delivery was re-dispatched to another LSP
  • Orders created after cutoff become scheduled when cycling after cutoff
  • Remove old LD flags for ETA+risk calculation
  • Delivery-sync - wasteful behavior on updating shipper contracts
  • Returning completed order does not copy the accesorials
  • Carrier Info Distance does not match computedDistanceMile
  • Defect - Orders page UI, Persistent Checkbox Selection After Refresh
  • Update Distance and Time to Use Trimble
  • Update "Search" to Include "Container ID" & "Shipment ID"
  • Add "deliveryFiles" to Clubbed Deliveries
  • Add Link to "Clear All Filters" to Table Views
  • Removing Shipper from Filter Removes Fields Without Removing Selections
  • Update Page Refresh on Scenarios
  • Delivery items weight not rounding
  • Names Not Provided for Locations, Customers, Etc. Appearing as "undefined undefined"
  • Add flag to serve delivery attempt poll period and prevent risk polling on final states

Client-Specific Fixes and Improvements

  • * Only
    • After Selecting "Go to Leader Delivery" When Batching Orders, You are Not Able to Cancel the Order
  • **** Only
    • Apply Custom Price Logic for a specific client Based on "Item Identifiers"