⏱️Coming Soon - 08/16/23

The following features and improvements are currently in development and may not reflect the final release to be deployed on 08/16/2023. There are multiple variables that will affect the final deployment, including quality assurance review and development and should be used for general information. This plan will likely change as this process is completed and an edited Release Notes will be published accordingly to reflect actual deployment.


Shipper Manually Dispatching Internal Routes in CT

Shippers with internal and external fleet routing needs will now have a defaulted QR code for drivers to scan to receive internal fleet routes on their devices. This will be done from control tower.

Accessorial Enhancements & Costs

Services Accessorial Quantities

  • When a delivery is created with "Services" accessorial, there is the ability for users to enter in a quantity for all "Services" with the exception of the following:
    • Certificate of Insurance (COI) Fees
    • Hazmat
    • Limited Access

Services Accessorial Quantities in Delivery Costs

  • When orders/deliveries are created (either manually or via the API) with "Services" accessorial where there are quantities entered, the pricing for the Shipper looks at the Shipper's Contract for that "Services" accessorial and calculates based on the quantity provided for that delivery.
    • The pricing for the services accessorial with quantities reflects accordingly in the "Delivery Cost Info" section for the Shipper.


Missing ETA Appointment Times for Specific Client

Fix to ensure appointment times are populated for synthetic events for a specific client to received proper ETAs for drivers.

Client-Specific Locker Code Integration

Allow a specific client to pass locker codes to OneRail and send that information with instructions to the couriers.

Cancel Timed Out LP-specific Deliveries

Ensure revoked notifications are received by a specific LP's drivers.

Filter SAIA from Client-Specific Deliveries

Temporary filter to remove SAIA from the list of carriers rate shopped for a specific client's deliveries.

Client-Specific Webhook Events

Configured shipper webhooks for a specific client for courier deliveries.

Universal Accepted by LP Custom Event

Custom event to be able to send parcel label information to Universal via webhook.

General Fixes and Improvements

  • Accessorials For Deliveries Are Calculated in Pricing and Rate Shopping
  • DSQP Dropping Item Prices when Creating Delivery API Payload
  • Broken routed delivery name
  • Driver name is not updated on Delivery page in case when delivery has been started and LP changed driver after that
  • No status En Route to Delivery in case when driver swipes fast
  • Map must zoom up to show selected driver
  • Saved Views List Not Sorted or Scrollable
  • Expand Views Dropdown from Limited 20 Views
  • Manage Columns Needs to be Scrollable & Fixed Width
  • Column Header & Filter Label Update
  • Fix the Pixel Width on the Search & Submit Button
  • Updated Filter Dropdowns & Button Placements
  • Removed "Lyft" From Vehicles Options
  • Partial Search Match on "Pickup Location State" Returns Multiple States
  • Mojo Courier not receiving all SLAs for contract
  • Copying a Delivery with an Array of Locations Throws Error
  • Delivery Schema Call Reduction V2 - PushAPI
  • deliveryWindows of Null Issue - PushAPI
  • Remove Version Increment for Users
  • Update Filter/Deliveries Code to Use Query Params to Avoid SQL Injection
  • Update Axios in lib-transport-client and Services
  • microservice-delivery-list | fix logging of getAllFilterDeliveries errors
  • Cosmos deployment realignment
  • Update "Delivery Total Items" to Count the Number of "Sub-Containers" and Individual "Items"
  • Fix Column Sorting to Properly Sort A-Z with Both Upper and Lowercase Characters
  • Fix Table Column Width
  • Table Horizontal Scroll and Fixed Location for Navbar and Buttons
  • Deploy combined certificates for MySQL Single Server to all app services that access them
  • Update risk on stale deliveries
  • Assigning a driver after the first does not update name
  • Deliveries table on Dashboard/Deliveries and Orders page is stuck with loading spin icon when there is no result to show
  • Attempts not loading properly on timeline
  • advanceOrder Optimization Refactor
  • Reduce Database Calls on findLpContractSlas Cache Problem
  • allow data to cache to reduce route/get calls
  • Markets list view does not allow navigation past page one
  • Delivery events disappearing from attempt on timeline
  • Carrier Info Distance does not match computedDistanceMile
  • Need proxysql so core-db on PROD can better handle a lot of things
  • Add Spinner to Create Order Location Field

Client-Specific Fixes and Improvements

  • * Only
    • Notification to be sent to the Driver that the order is assigned to them
    • *_UAT_When a batched order is revoked and re-dispatched with another order for the same customer the orders are not dispatched
    • Dispatch buttons not getting disabled for already dispatched orders
    • Internal Only Column flag changes to "No" on reinstating permanently canceled orders
    • *_Cancellation status is "Canceled by MyDelivery" instead of "Canceled by Shipper" upon permanently cancelling a delivery from delivery details page
    • Details on Reinstated Delivery have a different City, Zip format compared to Original Delivery
    • Dispatch buttons should be disabled when the order is a cash-only transaction
    • Copy delivery button should be disabled for deliveries canceled during nightly cleanup
    • Reinstating permanently canceled delivery updates to the time of reinstatement instead of cancellation time
  • *** Only
    • Return Sub-Hauler name as LP in GetRates call for a specific client.
    • Update pass-through pricing flag to accommodate client-specific 'Own Rate Card' scenarios.