Q2 2023

Included in this first Release Notes of 2nd Quarter is a recap of last release on 03/29/2023.


2.4.1 – 04/12/23


Enhancements with UI Changes

* Deliveries with "Containers"

When deliveries have "Containers", this information was not displayed on the "Order Details" and the "Delivery Items" sections on the "Delivery Details" page. On the "Order Details" page, the items in an individual shipment/delivery displayed no information. Now when deliveries have a combination of "Containers" and "Items", this information will be displayed on both the "Order Details" and "Delivery Details" pages respectively. If a delivery has only "Containers", only the container level information will be displayed.

* New "Containers" Column

Related to the above enhancements to display "Containers", we've also added a new column to table views for these "Containers". This will display the total number of containers for each delivery in the following table views:

  • Dashboard
  • Deliveries
  • Orders


P44 $60 Lift Gate Charge for Client Specific Deliveries

All deliveries for specific client that are performed by Project 44 require a $60 lift gate charge to be added to their shipper cost.

Add Client Specific as a shipper account for Point Pickup

Point PickUp is now configured to support client-specific deliveries.

Configure Accessorials for Bluegrace

Incorporated supported accessorials for BlueGrace deliveries.

Client Specific Deliveries Dispatching over 75 Miles

Resolves the issue of ensuring that if a delivery is over 75 miles assign the delivery to the UPS bucket for the Get Rate decisioning process.

2.3.3 – 03/29/23


Products Enhancements

CSV Upload

Today, when uploading a CSV file of "Products", any preexisting products within an organization will be overwritten when a new CSV file is uploaded. In the event a user is only adding a new product(s), they will quickly realize that all their product information has been deleted and replaced with the newly uploaded product(s).

The CSV uploading process has been updated to support bulk uploading both new products as well as updating existing products. The "Item Identifier" is now used as a unique key for the product and only one product can use that identifier.


Add Products

As a part of updates made to the "Products" CSV data ingestion logic to support adding new and editing/updating existing products, there are several enhancements to the UI made to help complete the user experience.

Users can now add individual products manually through the UI without having to upload a CSV file using this new method.


Edit Products

Existing products can now be edited to account for pricing changes or dimension changes to keep up with the evolving markets and product changes all industries face. Existing orders and deliveries that have a product that has been modified will retain all their original product information such as the name, pricing, and dimensions.


Delete Products

Old or outdated products can also now be deleted from the UI manually. Existing orders and deliveries that have a product that has been deleted will retain their original product information such as name, pricing, and dimensions.

LP's Own Customers (Shippers)

LP users will now be able to onboard their own customers into the OneRail platform. These customer will be created as shipper-type organizations and will be "children orgs" of the LP organization.

LP's Own Deliveries

LP users with the appropriate permissions, will now be able to create deliveries for their own Shippers. These deliveries are generated through the LP Control Tower and use the same "create order" form that all users utilize today.


Delivery Details Page for LP Users

Users from LP organizations will now be able to see a limited version of the Delivery Details page. Shipper-specific data will be hidden on this page, as well as Timeline attempts to other LPs.

LPs will also be able to see on the timeline when a single delivery has been assigned to their organization multiple times (i.e., multiple attempts).


Add New Product from Order/Delivery Creation Form

When creating an order, customers can now create and define a new product that didn't exist in their products list prior to creation. After defining a new product through creating an order, delivery, editing, or copying workflows, users will now see the product appear in their "Products" list.


Order CSV Upload File Validation

When a user is uploading a CSV file of orders to create and route, the system will check that the file meets field requirements before creating the orders. If there are no errors, the upload will complete and create the orders. When errors are present, the upload will not complete, and a list of errors to correct will display.



Delivery Status Webhook Retry

Retry Logic added to client specific webhook for delivery statuses.


Adjust Client Cancel Code Logic

Adjusted Client Cancel Codes to read CD-012 for Revoked by OneRail.


Make Bungii a Dynamic LP

Update of code to make Bungii a dynamic LP.


Need to add address2 to EasyPost labels

Fix to ensure labels will contain fill address on an EasyPost label when Address 2 is utilized in CORE.


Webhooks for Client

Configured the event hub to meet Client LP status updates and POD.


Support Decimal Weight and Total Weight for Order Items

Update initially targeting a specific client to support decimal weights from the shipper for order items.

GoShare Cancellation Codes

Code to allow GoShare access to our standard cancel reason messaging shown in CORE.


Failed Delivery Create Email for Client

Email notification to be sent to client when an IMS order fails to create due to a bad address.


Fixes and Improvements

  • Auto Revoke Failing Because of cancelParcelDelivery Flow
  • Update GetRates to Display LP Cost Actual as Shipper Cost
  • Update Get Rates to Return Final Mile Rates When Parcel Fails
  • Create Deliveries with Scheduled Dispatch Via the API
  • Create Scheduled Returns Via the API
  • Update LP Cost to Apply to Shipper Cost When a Delivery Is Dispatched
  • Ability to Manually Upload Multiple POP/PODs
  • Editing a Delivery to Remove an Item Deletes the Wrong Item



⏱️Coming Soon


GeoFencing for Locations

Locations now have a 0.25-mile geofence to better track when a Driver arrives at a location, how long the driver is at the pickup location and the delivery location, and determine if a driver is in a Market.  This includes the following "Location" types:

  • When a driver's geolocation is within 0.25 miles of the geofence of the pickup location, the order's status will be changed from 'En Route to Pickup' to 'Arrived for Pickup'. 
  • When a driver is in the 'Arrived for Pickup' status and their geolocation moves outside of 0.25 miles from the pickup location, the order's status is changed to 'En route to delivery'.
  • When a driver's geolocation is within 0.25 miles of the geofence of the dropoff location, the order's status will be changed from 'En Route to Delivery' to 'Arrived for Delivery'. 
  • When a driver is in the 'Arrived for Delivery' status and their geolocation moves outside of 0.25 miles from the dropoff location, the order's status is changed to 'Delivered'. 

Batching Enhancements

When a batched delivery with two or more deliveries is revoked and re-dispatched along with another delivery for the same Customer/Location, only two deliveries are displayed as the "Order ID". Now when a pre-existing batched delivery is re-batched with new deliveries, the existing batched delivery becomes standalone delivery again and is then re-batched with the new deliveries.

New "ETA" Filter

As we continue to enhance the table filters on the various tables, users can now filter by the following columns to further segment the data to their viewing needs:

  • ETA
  • Pickup Location City
  • Pickup Location State

Date Filter Enhancements

When the enhancement to the table filtering was done to add the ability to filter by various dates, the first implementation of this requires you to select the date value to filter then click into the date picker and click "Apply" to apply the changes to the table views. Now when you select a date value from the picklist, the table-filtered results will automatically be applied when you select the date value instead of having to click into the date picker to apply the changes.



No updates



Specific Client's Transportation Custom Report:


* Client's Upgraded Dashboard with New Metrics:

  • All SLA calculations based on TTS (Time To Serve)
  • TTS Breakdown
    • TTF (Time to Fulfill)
    • Driver Acceptance
    • Drive Time PU/DO
  • Abandon Rate
  • Cost



Trimble Maps Integration

Currently, the geocoders we use are limited to just Here and Google. With the addition of Trimble, we are starting to implement their services into this functionality. On both the Front and Back End, Trimble is being implemented as the first option, then going to Here, then going to Google if it fails to find the correct option.


Fixes and Improvements

  • Generate Next-Day Pickup or Downgrade to Ground if Faster, for Express Deliveries if After Cutoff
  • Container Quantity and/or Total Volume Not Taken Into Account for Vehicle Recommendation
  • Actions Taken on Leader Delivery Do Not Happen on Followers for Batched Deliveries
  • Delivery Events for Other Orders on Route Reflecting on Timeline of Each Order
  • Drivers that Use SSO are Experiencing an "unauthorized" Screen When Losing Connectivity
  • ETA Should Be Removed When Delivery is Cancelled
  • Cancel Button Via Ellipsis on Deliveries Page Disabled
  • Pickup and Dropoff SLAs for LP Markets Seem to be Ignored During LP Matching with Delivery