Getting Started



Download and Enable OneRail:



From the Shopify Store Admin Portal

  1. Search for OneRail under Apps and Install
  2. Select OneRail app
  3. Enable Free Trial
  4. Verify Shopify Payment Method
  5. Approve subscription








  1. Select Get Started under “New to OneRail?”
  2. Select New Onboarding Or Support Ticket.
  3. Select Onboarding Form.
  4. Complete Onboarding Form.
  5. Submit.
  6. Return to the OneRail app page.
  7. Select Account Login under From OneRail customers.
  8. Enter in the API KEY and AppID provided. (Note, this code is unique to each store and is given to the merchant following onboarding with OneRail.)
  9. Approve



Next Steps:

  • Sign Up
  • Set Store Configuration
  • Set Customer Delivery Fees