2.3.1 - 03/01/23


Parent Organization Visibility

OmniPoint supports organizational hierarchy for clients that have parent organizations with multiple business units (children). When a 'parent' user has the necessary permissions across a 'child' organization, they can now see, view, and manage that business unit from the "Organizations" page.


Scheduled Dispatch Statuses

As an enhancement to the "Scheduled Dispatch" functionality, the "Delivery Status" now displays as "Scheduled" on various pages to inform users that deliveries are scheduled to be dispatched.


Custom User 'Default' Views

Custom views have been available for a while, however, the ability to set a saved view as the 'default' has been a highly requested feature enhancement. Users can now set a default view that will appear each time a user logs in instead of having to change the view each time. 


Each of the following pages can have their own default views set up:


  • Dashboard
  • Deliveries
  • Orders



Location Dock Height Identification

For certain LTL carriers, there is a requirement to identify if the shipper location has the ability to load the shipment via dock height in OmniPoint. Without identifying this attribute, the carrier will not quote a shipment. Pickup locations can now be denoted and identifiable by a toggle if a shipper location has the capability to load a truck using a loading dock. This information is also made available to LP Transform to send this information to the carriers. 



Updated Button Text

To keep consistency with the call-to-action buttons when creating, copying, or creating a "Return" delivery, the following buttons were relabeled:

  • When in the "Create Delivery" form, the button "Create delivery" has been updated to "Create Delivery".
  • When in the "Copy Delivery" form, the button "Copy delivery" has been updated to "Copy Delivery".
  • When in the "Create Return" form, the button "Return delivery" has been updated to "Create Return".


Ability to Add, Edit, and Delete Products




General stabilization enhancements.


Make deliveryOptions Available for /dispatch Endpoint

Add the ability to pass signature required from a delivery request to our Logistics Partners that utilize our new dispatch endpoint. Flag still to be enabled.


Send Email Notification When Order Fails to Create Due to Bad Geocode

Temporary solution to notify Lowes of bad address calls to the Gateway via email while they build error handling into their system. This code is completed but will be utilized in Production upon GoLive  on 3/10.


Bring Me That Integration

Completed integration for Final Mile LP Bring Me That



Completed integration for Final Mile LP Waitr


Fixes and Improvements

  • Documents Section and BOL Not Displaying When BOL is Provided
  • "OneRail" Showing as the Carrier When Delivery is in "Draft" Status
  • Creating a "Return" Not Displaying Customer Address
  • Send Client Specific Door Dash and GoLocal in EventHub
  • Filter functionality is not working as expected on the Dashboard page for Batched orders while doing EXACT search
  • Client Specific Users Able to See LP Costs
  • Client Specific Google Priority "not working" Because of Cached Data
  • Searching on One Page Causes Results to Skew on Other Pages
  • Fix Mapped Statuses
  • MDP BOT Deliveries are Getting Stuck and Not Advancing
  • Add check for address responses with geometry type ROOFTOP or RANGE_INTERPOLATED that are missing address components
  • Client Specific Status of Orders canceled from the Delivery Details page is incorrectly displayed as Draft on Deliveries and Orders pages
  • Ensure Contract Matching Rematches Partial Update Calls
  • Snacks2U Auto Revoke Fix due to CancelParcelDelivery Flow - flags pending in Production


2.2.4 - 02/14/23




Search Capability on the "Users" Page

Users now have the ability to search for a specific user from both the "Organizations" tab under the "Users" page and the "Users" tab.


Prioritizing  Walmart GoLocal and Door Dash LPs

Deliveries dispatched for Client Specific prioritize Walmart GoLocal first THEN Door Dash in LP dispatching.

When a delivery is dispatched to Walmart GoLocal as the prioritized LP, if the LP cancels and cannot fulfill the delivery, upon reassigning, the next prioritized LP should be selected for the delivery, in this case, would be Door Dash.




Accessorial Needed

Mobile users will now be able to see any required Accessorial for specific deliveries. If any of the deliveries in a route require a specific accessorial, such as equipment or vehicle type, these will be displayed on the pickup requirements and throughout the route as an early signal and reminder of these special delivery needs.



Capturing Multiple PODs per Delivery

Mobile users will now be able to see any capture multiple Images for Proof of Pickup (POP) and Proof of Delivery (POD) requirements. This is particularly helpful when a specific delivery requires the driver to take a picture of the delivered package and the receipt or any other type of documentation.


Fixes and Improvements

  • Apply 'LP Cost' to 'Shipper Cost' for AAP When Courier is GoLocal
  • Update 'GetRates' to Display "LP Cost Actual" as "Shipper Cost"
  • Dispatch AAP's Deliveries Based on "Shipper Cost" Instead of "LP Cost"
  • Customer Locations Are Visible in an Organization's "Locations" List


2.2.3 - 02/09/23 



Proof of Pick and Proof of Delivery Enhancements

Proof of Delivery was only previously available when items were delivered at the drop off location. Additionally, there were limitations that only allowed one image to be submitted as proof of delivery and one picture for the signature. 


A new section has been added to the “Delivery Details” called “Proof of Pickup”. Users will see this section when a signature, picture, or note has been provided for the pickup. Thumbnail images will also be available (if eligible) to preview the image. Drivers can now submit multiple images for proof of pickup. A maximum of three images will be shown as thumbnail images but a maximum of 25 images can be submitted for proof of pickup.



The “Proof of Delivery” section has also been updated to mirror the “Proof of Pickup” section. This section will only pertain to signatures, pictures, or notes provided for the delivery. Thumbnail images will also be available (if eligible) to preview the image. Drivers can now submit multiple images for proof of delivery. A maximum of three images will be shown as thumbnail images but a maximum of 25 images can be submitted for proof of delivery.  



The proof of pickup and delivery images can now be downloaded by clicking the “Download” link. When clicked, a modal will appear that gives users the ability to select single or multiple images to download. When multiple images are selected for download, the images will be downloaded into a zip file. 


Products CSV Upload

Today, when uploading a CSV file of "Products", any preexisting products within an organization will be overwritten with the new CSV file. In the event a CSV is uploaded with the expectation of only adding new product(s), all of the existing product information is deleted and replaced with the newly uploaded product(s). The "Item Identifier" assigned to a product is now recognized as a unique identifier for that specific product. When files are uploaded, the "Item Identifier" will be checked to support only adding new products that are not currently on the list.


Create Orders with Accessorial

When creating an order through the "Add Order" form, accessorial can now be added to orders providing better insight into what is required to complete this delivery.


Fixes and Improvements

  • Update Delivery Timeline to Only Show "In Progress" Once
  • Delivery Date Not Populating Correctly Under "ETA" Column
  • "Carrier" Column in Tables Displaying Different Statuses


2.2.2 - 02/07/23




Display DoorDash and GoLocal in Delivery Timeline

When a delivery is assigned to a carrier that is part of OneRail's network of couriers, the carrier is never displayed to customers. There are exceptions to this, however, for some customers. For specific customers, when the delivery is assigned to one of OneRail's couriers, if the courier is either DoorDash or GoLocal, the delivery timeline will display the courier name instead of "OneRail".


Date Filter Enhancements

The date filter currently only filters based on the "Order Date". There are other fields within the tables on the "Dashboard", "Deliveries", and "Orders" pages that users can now be used by selecting which date field to filter the data. 



Fixes and Improvements

  • New Field Added to LP Transform
  • Card Containers Added to "Delivery Items", "Delivery Items Total", and "Delivery Exceptions"


2.2.1 - 02/02/23




LP Control Tower - Driver Interactions

Users will now have the ability to click/hover on the Driver's avatar on the map and obtain information about the specific driver:

  • Driver Name
  • Vehicle 
  • Number of Deliveries Assigned
  • Phone Number

Delivery Details Updates

The "Order Items" section of the "Delivery Details" page has been relabeled to "Delivery Items". Additionally, the data presented here has been updated to be inside of a table view. A new data field is also present when a "Tracking Number" is provided by a carrier.



Fixes and Improvements

  • Redirect LP Ranking to the New Cosmos Microservice Library
  • Update Orders Endpoint to Use new Microservice
  • Order/Delivery Items Shuffled Out of Order They're Entered In As
  • New Field Added to LP Transform
  • 'Search' Component Updated to New Design
  • API Bad Gateway Response
  • LSO Events Not Being Updated
  • LSO Drivers Not Receiving Order ID for Pickup Instructions
  • TBC/NTW Orders Sent to LPs Were Not Sent Business Name for Pickup Location
  • Drivers’ Statuses Taking 5+ Minutes to Update
  • Driver Status Changed to "Assigned to Driver" After "Enroute to Delivery"
  • 'totalitemWeight' Field Added to LP Transform
  • Courier Monitor Not Updating Statuses
  • Rotate UPS Labels
  • Fixed Timeout Issues with DigitalWaybill Mojo
  • "Delivery Status" Filter Value Fix for Displaying Wrong Label
  • Fixed "No Label Found" Error for FedEx Orders 


2.1.6 - 1/27/23




LP Ranking Enhancements

OneRail's algorithm to calculate the best Logistic Provider (LP) for delivery selection has several enhancements coming up:


  1. The current implementation of how data is fetched for LP ranking is calculating deliveries that are in terminal states as 'in flight'. Deliveries in these states are now excluded from the calculation. Additionally, the calculation used for SLA Met was updated to only look at completed deliveries in SLA time.
  2. The calculation is being updated to only reference 'Final Mile' delivery modes when weighing and selecting an LP.


Contact Email Address to Locations Information

Contact email addresses can now be added to individual locations.


Email Notification When "Long Wait At Pickup" Exception is Triggered

When the exception "Long Wait at Pickup" is logged at a location, a notification will be sent to the contact email address (if there is one) for that location to inform. This was requested by a specific client to be alerted of what order and the item(s) are impacted so that they can remedy these issues internally.


Create Return from "Order Details"

A return delivery can be created from the "Order Details" page from the individual shipment/delivery. When a return is initiated from here, all the original information from the delivery is copied into the "Return" form. The original drop off location becomes the "Pickup Location" and the original pickup location is now the "Dropoff Location". Additionally, users can select which item(s) and quantities they are needing to return. Return deliveries will show "Return" on the delivery to indicate it's a return delivery.



Schedule Dispatch

Deliveries can be scheduled for dispatch at a future date and time. There is a minimum threshold of 5 minutes that a delivery cannot be scheduled for dispatch. For example, it is 11:56 AM and you want to schedule a dispatch to go out at 12:00 PM. The earliest time a dispatch can be scheduled is 12:01 PM. Dispatches that are scheduled can be canceled at any time as long as the date and time entered have not occurred. 


Note: If a delivery has an SLA with "Delivery Windows", the "Schedule Dispatch" button is disabled.



Fixes and Reporting Enhancements

  • Specific Client - Added SSO in UAT environment
  • Deliveries - Fixed an issue where editing a delivery was deleting other deliveries associated with the order
  • LP Reporting - Optimize Dataset
  • LC Order Tracking Report - Relocated Search Bars
  • LP Attempt Analysis Report - this report will now filter out all Follower deliveries so that reporting numbers are not skewed
  • Operations Report - optimized to show a year's worth of historical data
  • Reporting - Updated reports containing the visual graphic named "Deliveries by Created At(Local)" to "Deliveries by Hour" to better represent the information contained in the visual.
  • Shopify App - Upgrade to Shopify API 1.0 and created setup instructions for new users
  • Control Tower - update to fix vehicle description being cutoff in Delivery Listing and updated the driver tooltip to better display information
  • LP Control Tower - added search by Driver Name and LP Name
  • ORD - Added Org ID to backend logs and fixed an app issue where the driver status was updated only after the app was restarted
  • Regression testing - added Mobile MS to regression collection


2.1.5 - 1/19/23



LP Control Tower - Delivery Coverage Tool

OneRail users will now be able to quickly find LP coverage for a delivery that falls into the OneRail Processing status. There will be an option on any OneRail Processing delivery called "Open in LP Control Tower", redirecting the user to the LP Control Tower Map displaying all available options for coverage across all LPs.



This new functionality will be accessible through any list quick menu or in the delivery details page (see the two images above for reference).




UPS Label Rotation 

UPS does not provide an option to rotate labels in their API. This fix provides a rotated label for Client Specific to allow labels to be accepted in their downstream system without intervention from the Pepsi team.


2.1.4 - 01/17/23




LP Control Tower - Stop Status

Enhanced Route visibility through colored-coded "Stop Statuses". The statuses will allow an LP Delivery Manager to quickly understand the progress of a route and any issues that may arise at the individual stops. The different Status possibilities are:


  • En Route
  • Arrived
  • Completed
  • Incomplete
  • Partial



LP Control Tower - Revoke Timer

Fixed issue where the revoke timer for some deliveries will show as 0 min, even though the delivery had been recently assigned. This issue was only affecting the visibility of an accurate revoke timer and was not affecting the actual time that LPs have to assign a driver.


Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated the MDP Bot to Include the following Delivery States:
    • Arrived for Pickup
    • Arrived for Delivery
  • Labels Updated to Display Individual Container Weight


2.1.3 - 01/12/23 





General stability and performance enhancements related to loading times in CORE's Reporting tab. Unused reports were archived to improve capacity consumption as part of a Data-Cleanup initiative.


Fixes and Improvements

  • Delivery Date/Time Updated to Match Backend Returned Object
  • LP Configuration Error Message


2.1.2 01/10/23




Map New Role to 'Driver' Role

Specific Client has new contract drivers that will be using OneRail. The contract drivers have their own mapping that needed to be mapped to the existing "Driver" role in OneRail's staging and UAT environments so testing could be done before enabling these drivers in OneRail's production environment.


Risk Calculation Enhancement

Enables users to receive a more frequently calculated Risk factor in the different stages of the delivery process. The Risk formula has been strengthened to support multiple calculations depending on the status of the delivery, while continuously accounting for the time consumed by that specific SLA.



Consolidated Pickups in Routes

Users will now have better visualization of routes in the Control Tower. They will be able to see the IDs for all the orders being picked at the same location or at the same geographical stop. This will enhance tracking and overall visibility for users that utilize the Routing feature.



Multiple Deliveries

Orders can have multiple deliveries created and associated with an existing order. Previously, there was the concept of ‘one order to one delivery.’ However, as we have identified with onboarding new clients, this concept does not satisfy every customer’s business needs. As an enhancement to the “Order Details” page, we have introduced new functionality that enables customers to create a new delivery and/or copy a delivery within an order. 



Create New Delivery 

From the “Order Details” page in Omnipoint (core), users can now add a new delivery to an existing order. A new button has been added called “Create Delivery.” When this button is clicked, the user is brought to the “Create Delivery” form to fill out the necessary information for this delivery.  


The following information is not editable when creating a delivery: 

  • Organization 
  • Order ID 


As part of the enhancements made to enable this functionality, there are a few things to note: 

  • The “Dispatch Delivery Immediately” button has been relabeled as “Dispatch Immediately.” 
  • The button placement has been moved and will now appear on each individual delivery an order may have for the following buttons: 
    • Dispatch Immediately 
    • View Shipping Label 
    • View Delivery 


Copy Delivery 

From the “Order Details” page in OmniPoint (CORE), users can now create a copy of an existing delivery. A new button has been added to each delivery called “Copy Delivery”. When this button is clicked, the user is brought to the “Create Delivery” form and all the details of the original delivery are copied into the form with most information being editable.  


The following information is not editable when copying a delivery: 

  • Organization 
  • Order ID 
  • Order Items 
  • Price 
  • Length 
  • Width 
  • Height 
  • Weight 
  • Description 


Note: Only new order items can be added to a delivery when copied. Existing order items are not able to be removed from a delivery. 


Manual Order Advancement 

As part of the body of work to allow users to create a new delivery or copy delivery for an existing order, we've enabled the ability for users to manually dispatch these deliveries. Now that the “Dispatch Immediately” button has been moved to each individual delivery, whenever a user clicks this button, they will see a modal appear to confirm the action of dispatching the delivery or to cancel. Additionally, organizations that use this functionality, have the ability to select rates based on the available LPs.






General stability and performance enhancements related to loading times in CORE's Reporting tab. Unused reports were archived to improve capacity consumption as part of a Data-Cleanup initiative.


Cost Per Stop Routes Report

Specific Client needed their reporting updated to calculate the route cost per each unique delivery location instead of the cost per each unique delivery. The report now calculates and outputs the cost of the route based on the individual delivery location regardless of how many deliveries are being fulfilled to that location.




Pickup and Dropoff Accessorial Now Available for LPs 

Pickup and Dropoff Accessorial have now been mapped in LP transform and can be passed to LPs after configuration with each LP integration. The flag is currently off in Production.


Fixes and Performance Improvements

  • Auto-Revoked Orders Not Resetting to 'Draft' Status
  • 'Draft' Pickup Task Removed from "Control Tower"
  • Combined Certificates for MySQL Single Server
  • Improved Error Handling for Delivery API
  • Database Performance Improvements
  • Fixed Order ID Link Redirect from Control Tower
  • General enhancements to improve reports
  • Mobile (ORD) Improvements - Version 19.1


⏱️Coming Soon


GeoFencing for Locations

Locations now have a 0.25-mile geofence to better track when a Driver arrives at a location, how long the driver is at the pickup location and the delivery location and determine if a driver is in a Market. This includes the following "Location" types:


  • When a driver's geolocation is within 0.25 miles of the geofence of the pickup location, the order's status will be changed from 'En Route to Pickup' to 'Arrived for Pickup'. 
  • When a driver is in the 'Arrived for Pickup' status and their geolocation moves outside of 0.25 miles from the pickup location, the order's status is changed to 'En route to delivery'.
  • When a driver's geolocation is within 0.25 miles of the geofence of the dropoff location, the order's status will be changed from 'En Route to Delivery' to 'Arrived for Delivery'. 
  • When a driver is in the 'Arrived for Delivery' status and their geolocation moves outside of 0.25 miles from the dropoff location, the order's status is changed to 'Delivered'. 


"Carrier" Filter Added to Tables

Users can now filter by "Carrier" from the table views on the "Dashboard", "Deliveries", and the "Orders" pages.



Client specific Transportation custom report:



Fixes and Improvements

  • Creating a "Return" Not Displaying Customer Address
  • Event Updates Reflecting on Revoked Attempts
  • Auto Revoke Failing Because of cancelParcelDelivery Flow
  • Update GetRates to Display LP Cost Actual as Shipper Cost
  • Update Get Rates to Return Final Mile Rates When Parcel Fails
  • Generate next day pickup, or downgrade to Ground if faster, for Express deliveries if after cutoff