Pickup and Dropoff Accessorials Now Available for LPs 

Pickup and Dropoff Accessorials have now been mapped in LP transform and can be passed to LPs after configuration with each LP integration. The flag is currently off in Production.

Map New Role to 'Driver' Role

The contract drivers have their own mapping that needed to be mapped to the existing "Driver" role in OneRail's staging and UAT environments so testing could be done before enabling these drivers in OneRail's production environment.

Risk Calculation Enhancement

Enables users to receive a more frequently calculated Risk factor in the different stages of the delivery process. The Risk formula has been strengthened to support multiple calculations depending on the status of the delivery, while continuously accounting for the time consumed by that specific SLA.

Cost Per Stop Routes Report

Reporting was updated to calculate the cost of the route per each unique delivery location instead of the cost per each unique delivery. The report now calculates and outputs the cost of the route based on the individual delivery location regardless of how many deliveries are being fulfilled to that location.

Consolidated Pickups in Routes

Users will now have better visualization of routes in the Control Tower. They will be able to see the IDs for all the orders being picked at the same location or at the same geographical stop. This will enhance tracking and overall visibility for users that utilize the Routing feature.


General stability improvements and performance enhancements related to loading times in CORE's Reporting tab. Unused reports were archived to improve capacity consumption as part of a Data-Cleanup initiative.

? Fixes and Performance Improvements

  • Auto-Revoked Orders Not Resetting to 'Draft' Status
  • 'Draft' Pickup Task Removed from "Control Tower"
  • Combined Certificates for MySQL Single Server
  • Improved Error Handling for Delivery API
  • Database Performance Improvements
  • Fixed Order ID Link Redirect from Control Tower
  • General enhancements to improve reports
  • Mobile (ORD) Improvements - Version 19.1

? Coming Soon

LP Ranking Enhancements

The current implementation of how data is fetched for LP ranking is calculating deliveries that are in terminal states as 'in flight'. Deliveries in these states are now excluded from the calculation. Additionally, the calculation used for SLA Met was updated to only look at completed deliveries in SLA time.

LP Control Tower - Stop Status

Enhanced Route visibility through colored-coded "Stop Statuses". The statuses will allow an LP Delivery Manager to quickly understand the progress of a route and any issues that may arise at the individual stops. The different Status possibilities are:

  • En Route
  • Arrived
  • Completed
  • Incomplete
  • Partial

LP Control Tower - Revoke Timer

Fixed issue where the revoke timer for some deliveries will show as 0 min, even though the delivery had been recently assigned. This issue was only affecting the visibility of an accurate revoke timer and was not affecting the actual time that LPs have to assign a driver.


The "Reporting" navigation will now be handled by CORE. The ability to switch between multiple report pages will be switched to the top of the page instead of being at the bottom of the reports (native navigation to PowerBI)