12/17/2022 – 12/24/2022

The Last Release Notes of 2022 Edition.

The last release notes of 2022. As we reminisce about all the good times we've had, the features added, the enhancements made, the improvements and screenshots, it brings such joy in our hearts to know you've been with us through it all, read every line in grand anticipation and celebrated with us in all the lines of code that added up. Really, I think we all just need a drink.
We at OneRail hope you've had a very happy holidays and wish you a safe New Years celebration.
Onward to 2023!!!



Order ID in Control Tower

You will now see Order Ids on route stops in the Control Tower page.




You will see the same filters selected when changing pages in the OneRail platform instead of resetting. This will allow a carryover of filtered information.

Driver in Routed Status

All jobs are created for each delivery that is included in route. When jobs are complete, the driver status is update to active/in store depending on where they are in relation to store and not in Routed status.

Routes Display in Control Tower

You will now see the correct Pickup Location Route under the correct city drop down menu when dispatching from the Control Tower.



Shipping Labels

Shipping labels are now sent in both ZPL and PDF formats.


In our continued efforts to make OneRail the most reliable last mile logistics platform, we eliminated a number of key bugs and improved performance in the platform this week.