12/11/2022 – 12/18/2022


6 Hour SLA

A 6 hour Service Level Agreement (SLA) is now available in all appropriate selection drop downs and choices. This 6 hour SLA would be used for a  51 to 75 mile order.

Nightly Cleanup

Orders left in draft will be removed after three days. This has been happening nightly. The platform will now hold the transaction in Draft and clear it after three days. This will happen nightly.

“Business Name” in Mobile App

You will now see the Business Name in the driver's dashboard in the mobile ORD along with the Order ID and Address which already shows.

Live Chat

You can now see the Live Chat widget in the upper right corner of the platform which allows live help from OneRail’s logistic coordinators.

CX Delivery Notifications

You can see the date/time a CX delivery notification was sent for all orders, which will also include the order number, customer contact information, and the method by which the customer was notified (SMS, Email, or both, depending on each order's contact preferences). This will appear in Reporting.



New Driver

A “Driver previously submitted for dispatch” error message will not appear when a new driver is selected from the driver assignment drop down and the dispatch button is selected and the new driver will be dispatched with the new task appearing on the mobile device.


In our continued efforts to make OneRail the most reliable last mile logistics platform, we eliminated a number of key bugs and improved performance in the platform this week.