11/13/2022 - 11/20/2022





You can pull accessorial dollar amounts from shipper extra data on orders and display the amounts in columns visible in the reporting tab.


Reason and Reporting Codes

You can see Reason Codes for canceled and return deliveries in Reporting. These reason codes are selected when deliveries are canceled, or when a return delivery is created. These reason codes are reflected by the following selections.

Cancel Delivery Reason Codes:


Return Reason Codes:





Shipment ID and Split Orders

You can see the Shipment ID when viewing the orders list when an order is split.


Routed Split Orders

You will no longer see a “Sorry, something went wrong. Please go back and try again” when a split order is auto optimized and routed.


API Template

API template has been updated to a fully modern basis for micro-services.




MVR Certification

MVR certification is pulled directly rather than RTS.


Cloud Enablement | Key Vault | Update the Request for MVR Certificate and Translate

Updated URL gateways can access MVR certification within Azure environment.



In our continued efforts to make OneRail the most reliable last mile logistics platform, we eliminated a number of key bugs and improved performance in the platform this week.