10/23/2022 – 10/30/2022




Batching/Clubbing Reporting

Batching/clubbing orders are implanted into reporting as “Delivery Type” into the report, where a user can select between "Leader", "Follower" and "Other". These orders will be set showing as a hierarchy authorization—Leaders will only show orders that are leaders, Follower will only show orders that are followers and Other will show orders not related to leaders or followers.


You can send orders to OneRail via delivery API, where OneRail then creates the label, can send UPS label information back, communicate order statuses/events through the life of the order, and be able to cancel the order in the event an error occurs.


Drop Off Instructions
Auto generated instructions sent to LPs (Logistic Partners) when no delivery drop off instructions are provided are generic without specific client or customer information provided.



EDI Integration

You can now ship orders via UPS and integrate with them through EDI.

Pick Slip Numbers

The pick slip numbers received as the order ID from IMS are translated onto the labels OneRail sends to UDFC via EDI 850.

Email BOL

You can open, access or email the BOL received back from P44 once an order has been assigned to an LTL provider.


In our continued efforts to make OneRail the most reliable last mile logistics platform, we eliminated a number of key bugs and improved performance in the platform this week.