09/12/2022 -- 09/18/2022



Manual Dispatch

You will now be able to dispatch orders to internal drivers or external Logistics Service Providers (LSP) depending on needs, availability and product requirements by dispatching the orders to Internal drivers or External Logistics Service Providers manually. 

For internal driver dispatch, you will:

  • Select the order(s) from the Orders page.
    • An Internal Only qualification is added for specified product requirements and will not allow an external driver to be assigned if the Internal Only status is applied.
  • Select Dispatch Internally button.
  • Select an Internal Driver from the dropdown menu.
  • Only Drivers logged on and on duty in the mobile app will appear in the drop down.
  • Select a Vehicle from the dropdown menu.
    • Only available vehicles that are not on route will appear in the dropdown menu.
  • Select Dispatch.

For external dispatch, you will:

  • Select the order(s) from the Orders page.
    • Orders marked “Yes” for Internal Only will not be allowed to be dispatched externally.
  • Select Dispatch Externally.
  • The order will dispatch to an external logistic provider.

You can Batch multiple orders in a dispatched order.

  • If any orders in a batched order shows “Yes” for Internal Only, they must be dispatched with an internal driver.
  • If multiple orders are batched and externally dispatched, multiple logistic service providers will be dispatched.

This is an added feature specific to individual needs.


“Yes” When Delivered Exactly On Time

You will now see a “Yes” in the “SLA Met” met column in reporting when the delivery matches the Service Level exactly.


Breaking Parent/Child Org Relationship

You can now break the parent/child organization relationship and spin a child organization off as a singular entity in the OneRail platform.




YTD Reporting Data

You will now be able to view up to Year To Date reporting date range for order data as per individual contracts.


Rate Card SLA

You will no longer see rate card deliveries counted in the SLA report.




FIXED – Transaction Error

You will now see a transaction error when an already dispatched transaction is submitted for dispatch.


FIXED – “In Progress” Filter

You will now see the correct results when choosing the “In Progress” option in the status filter. This does not impact other filtering.


FIXED – One Delivery, Two Dispatched At Same Time

You will no longer see an “Order Successfully Dispatched” message when the same transaction is submitted at the same time, resulting in two drivers being dispatched for the same transaction. An error message will now appear to one of the two dispatchers and only one driver will be dispatched.




FIXED - Multiple dispatchers sending the same driver

You will not be able to dispatch the same driver when the multiple dispatchers are attempting to send out orders at the same time. An error message will now appear.


FIXED - Multiple vehicles dispatched at the same time

You will not be able to dispatch the same vehicle from the drop down to two different drivers at the same time. An error message will now appear.


FIXED – Internal Drivers Eliminated from Drop Down

An internal driver will not be seen in the drop down as available when their Status is On Route.


FIXED – No Extra Routes

The original route closes and does not lock a new driver into a new route when a delivery attempt is revoked from driver 1 and assigned to driver 2.



In our continued efforts to make OneRail the most reliable last mile logistics platform, we eliminated a number of key bugs and improved performance in the platform this week. ??