Turn Around and Return the Item

You now have better visibility on return orders when a customer refuses an order at delivery.
No more letting the product sit on the customer’s doorstep until a new order can be made or the customer loads it in their own Honda Civic to haul back.
With the Logistics Service Provider (LPS) still at their door, at request from the Logistics Service Provider or the Shipper, the Dispatcher can choose the Create Return button on the Delivery Details page and the new order will open with the delivery details populated and the Pickup and Delivery information fields swapped. And off the product goes, back to the Shipper.
This is currently behind a flag upon additional testing.


FIXED--Dispatch Error when Return created for Order without Business Name

Returns no longer create a Dispatch Error when an order is created without a value in the “Business Name” field.

FIXED--Stuck in "On Route" with no jobs assigned in the mobile app

Logistics Service Providers will no longer be stuck in ON-Route after completing the routes they accepted when more routes are assigned after the initial routes are accepted.
Once route LSP has been assigned, accepted and started, new deliveries cannot be added to the route.


FIXED--Logistics Service Partner continues to be On-Route though the deliveries are removed from the mobile device

The Logistics Service Provider’s mobile device will no longer show On-Route when the LSP is in store and does not confirm the delivery assignment and the Routes are removed from the Trip by a Store User.

FIXED—Carrier receiving the Order UUID, not the Order ID

The carrier partner now receives the Order ID string in the instructions section of the LSP mobile app instead of the UUID. 


In our continued efforts to make OneRail the most reliable last mile logistics platform, we eliminated a number of key bugs and improved performance in the platform this week.