New Features

  • [OR_DEV-11407] New Tracking Report available on the Reports Tab:
  • [OR_DEV-1910] Geofencing has been implemented to accurately calculate the "dwell time" of the shipper. Once the driver crosses the geofence upon arrival, the status changes to “Arrived to Pick up.” When the driver exits the fence the status will change to “picked up or En route to delivery.” The time between "Arrived to Pick up" and "Picked up/ En route to delivery" is called the dwell time. If the dwell time exceeds the time limit specified for that client at either pick up or delivery, an exception of either "long wait at pickup" or "long wait at delivery" is logged.

Problems Addressed

  • [OR_DEV-832] Fixed a problem where Delivery Instructions were not always made available to LPs viewing the order.
  • [OR_DEV-11150] Fixed a problem where the pickup and dropoff location pins displayed on the Control Tower page were not labeled correctly.