General Availability Release Notes

New Features

  •  [OR_DEV-10221] Enhanced LP connectivity to ORD from Android/IOS mobile apps.  Mobile app users can now enter, edit, dispatch, and cancel orders and deliveries.
  • [OR_DEV-7079] Delivery details now allow different accessorials for pickup and dropoff locations. Updated the Organization tab's Fleet Assets page to support new fleet categories and capabilities. 
  • [OR_DEV-10939, OR_DEV-10944] Improvements to route information: Control Tower now shows total mileage and quantity of items.

Miscellaneous Enhancements and Improved Performance

  • [OR_DEV-10385/REQ-1796] Improved user interface for manual orders:
    • The Order Item Description field is now limited to 64 characters; previously it was possible to enter a description that was too long for the form to handle. 
    • Delivery Contact Name is now a required field, as an order with no Delivery Contact can cause problems downstream. 
  • [OR_DEV-10229] Improved accuracy of tracking deliveries by implementing the heremaps API.

Problems Addressed

  •  [OR_DEV-10801] Fixed a problem that caused timeline events to be displayed in the wrong order and associated with an incorrect LP.
  • [OR_DEV-10056] Fixed a problem that was causing orders to be dispatched during designated holiday hours. 
  • [OR_DEV-10235] Fixed a problem that was preventing some order/delivery source info from being displayed. 
  • [OR_DEV-10756] Fixed a problem with the Reporting tab that caused a "Could not get reports" error.